No 201 Penn, Newtown
Santa Fe Night
Christmas on Floral Ave., Binghamton
Asequa Madre, Santa Fe
Country Bakery, Owego
"Superette", Corvallis
Old Brighton
Last Snow, Newtown
Adobe Entrance
Church in Wellesley College
Lanfren, Paris
Monmartre Evening
Paris Evening
It Feels Like Home
Brookline Sunset
Autumn in Endicott
Court St., Newtown
Chateau Exotique, New Hope
Karla's Restaurant, New Hope
Two Cranes Store, New Hope
Shop of India, New Hope
August in New Hope
New Hope Railroad Station
Delaware Bridge From New Hope
Black Horse Tavern, Newtown,
Temperance House, Newtown
San Miguel, Santa Fe
Portal, Santa Fe Historic Society
It Feels Like Home
Spring In Brookline
Newtown Museum
State St., Newtown
White on White, Cambridge
Cambridge Sunset
Old Cambridge 1
Roofs Against Sky
Homage to Soutine
Gypsy Alley, Santa Fe
Santa Fe Night 3
Santa Fe Night 2
Santa Fe Sunset
Chenango Bridge, Binghamton
South Side, Binghamton
Mansion and Cathedral
Crestmont St., Binghamton
Thaw in Endicott
After Last Snow Storm
Washington St., Binghamton
Southern Comfort
Enchanted Garden, Houston
Old Mojacar
Dates, Mojacar
Chess Players
Flat Iron Building
Sun Through Rain and Snow
Vivaldi on 2nd St.
Newtown Back Yard
Rain in Philly
Rio de Ponte delle Tete
Restaurants on 2nd St., Philadelphia
Red Door, Elfreth Alley, Philadelphi
Philly Winter
Philly Winter 2
Nos 101 and 103, Mercer St, Newtown
North State St., Newtown
Mount Vernon, Philadelphia
May in Newtown
Delaware Bridge Phila
Courtyard on Court S, Newtown
Clock Tower, Newtown
Carousel Shoppe
Blue Door, Elfreth Alley
2nd St. Phila